So I posted before my trip about upcoming severe winter snow storm in the Catskills, 1 – 2 feet of snow and strong winds. Then earlier today I started a new post in gear forum referring to the tent I used, Black Diamond Hilight 3P tent. Here is my video of the experience in the Catskill Mountains during a severe winter snow storm that ended up dumping at least 2.5 feet of wet heavy snow on top of an existing 1.5 feet of snow that was already there when we got up the mountain. All of my gear I carried was used and it all works perfectly for me in these situations. It was my first time using that tent, and I was concerned before I left.. But as you may have read in previous post, saw the pictures and if you watch this video.. You will understand when I tell you now,  that tent can handle a heavy snow load and I will continue to use it for future winter trips to come. I am always learning something on all of my trips, harsh or casual.. Be it small or big, I usually get something out of them. Other then knowing that tent will be my safe haven, in cold and snow,  there were a few other things I got out of this. Be very careful with candles in tent!  Next time, bring a hair tie!! Breaking trail down a mountain in 3 feet of snow, and snow drifts had us waist deep at some points, in blizzard conditions with wind and snow blowing all directions, well that’s a serious situation and you better know what you are doing, you better have a plan, you better have the right gear and you better be in serious decent shape and condition!  No I did not film our actual descent down and off the mountain as it was too critical for me to be playing with my phone just to record a video. Those memories will not be forgotten by me at all ever, all I have to do is go back and watch the video I did film, and I will know what happened! Anyway, feel free to comment, good or bad, ask me any questions and throw any feedback or stories of your own..