I went on a very nice, HOT, overnight backpacking trip thru Bear Mt State Park in Harriman. The temps were in the low 90s and very humid, but the evening and overnight cooled down with a pleasant breeze. I made camp for the night in a pristine location with beautiful views and had a really nice, peaceful  sunset. I slept in my Six Moon Designs Serenity Net tent and if you watch the video, you will completely understand!

The first day I hiked roughly 12.5 miles with plenty of ups and downs, passed the Bear Mt. Inn, spent some time along side a small but rushing cascading waterfall, saw many beautiful mountain laurels, saw a young buck (no, not myself), hiked and hopped on plenty of ROCKS and boulders, came across an abandoned tunnel, baked in the blazing hot sun, reached many satisfying views, helped 2 semi lost novice hikers (whom were hiking without any kind of maps) and got to see a really mesmerizing, glowing sunset from where I would be sleeping that night and had this location all to myself!!

Day 2 I had set myself up for a very short but scenic 3.5 mile hike out to complete the loop. I woke up at sunrise (5:30 am), ate my breakfast and packed up, hitting the trail at 6:20 am.

My base pack weight was 6.3 lbs. I carried my gear in my Kumo pack. I slept in my Six Moon Designs Serenity Net tent. I slept on my large *Uberlite*.. and used my EE 50° Enigma down quilt. I also used my Steripen (I LOVE IT).

Side note on the Uberlite..Being in the 90s and humid all day.. it did cool down into the hi 60s, low 70s overnight with a nice breeze of maybe 6 mph or so.. i slept in my net tent which was perfect and i slept in my hiking shorts and a wife beater (tank top). The issue is, I would stick to the Uberlite pad wherever my skin touched and it was a tad annoying throughout the night. I kept wishing I used my X lite pad instead of the Uberlite.  The Uberlite is like a rubbery plastic latex balloon material on the skin. Next time I either pack the thermarest sheet or just bring the Xlite and save the Uberlite for emergency ground use when hammock camping.

On that note.. my camping spot for the night.. this is exactly why I chose to leave my hammock set up home again and sleep on the ground for this trip!

Check out the video and you will understand!!!