The weather was ideal and the timing was just right. This time, Bob and I found ourselves in Harriman State Park devouring 24 miles of trail on our way to Big Hill.  Our day started with the most technical of all climbs in Harriman, Pingyp Mountain. If you have not climbed up or down Pingyp and have plans to cross it.. be careful here!  It is rather steep and sketchy at many points.  Do not avoid it, as I can tell you it is a fun challenge and there are some nice views along the way and from the top.

Along the 24 miles, we passed Turkey Hill lake, which I thought was beautiful!! It is such a nice section and there are a few spots to camp in the vicinity, 1 or 2 were better then the others. However, this lake is a short hike in from another trail head, so it is a bit used and abused, unfortunately people do not know how to LNT (Leave No Trace).

We reached Big Hill after 24 miles and 12 hours of hiking. There was a short time left before sunset so we quickly made camp and cooked dinner.

I slept in my Katabatic Gear Piñon bivy. I used my EE 40° Enigma and X lite regular/wide pad. Overnight temperature hit 50° with little or no breeze, I slept perfect. There was some condensation on my quilt and bivy in the morning, mostly on the footbox. It was not an issue for me, i simply laid them out on a huge boulder as the sun rose and they dried in mere minutes. For 1, 2 or 3 nights I would not have any concerns with the bivy and condensation on these kind of trips. I simply love the lightweight, and the minimal pack space it uses. I also love that I can lay it out in an open field, on the grass or on a mountain top and enjoy the massive open views of the night sky while being glittered with stars all around me. It was my final reward for hiking a long 24 miles throughout the day. Waking up in the morning just before sunrise is also spectacular, opening my eyes and seeing the orange and purple sky beginning to brighten is very warming to my soul. There is some about sleeping so minimal on the ground, it really gives me a sense of connection with nature.

Day 2 we had a short 2 mile hike out to our cars. We passed a fire tower and some old ruins along the way.

I need to keep hiking and hiking. I do have more short overnight trips that i will be doing but I am planning on hitting the Northville Lake Placid trail in September 2022 and would like to complete the entire trail in about 8 days, give or take a day, so I do need to keep my legs strong and in hiking shape for long distance days of 20+ miles.

Hopefully you take the 20 minutes and check out the video. Enjoy!!