So here I am again, Harriman State park, at one of my favorite camp sites on the lake. This time I hiked different trails,  shorter mileage and had my wife with me! She usually just day hikes and does not like to camp but every once a year or 3 she will come out with me for an overnight trip. We hiked 11.5 miles over 7.5 hours, passing by some scenic lakes and over some small mountains, hitting a few nice view points along the way while ending our day with a refreshing swim in a beautiful lake at one of my favorite places to camp in Harriman. We used my Nemo Firefly 2P tent for this trip as she would only agree to camp if she had a tent to sleep in. We had dinner and sat in our chairs on the granite slab of rock overlooking the lake as the sun set at the far end, leaving the cool evening to a short blazing camp fire before settling in for the night. Awake at 6:45 am to sit again in our chairs and enjoy coffee and breakfast overlooking the glass lake with the forest and sky reflecting on it.