I want to love these shoes, I really do! They are very comfortable, almost like walking on clouds compared to the other barefoot style shoes I’m comfortable in, but out in the field they just did not work for me.

FULL DISCLOSURE I haven’t worn these much, only about 3 trail days, and here is why:

Less than a mile into a moderately rocky hike I was sliding off rocks I would typically never have any issues with. I rarely fall on trail, and consider myself quite sure-footed. Unfortunately one slip early on today resulted in a big scrape on my knee and ankle, and since I was carrying my daughter in a front carrier, she got a scrape too. I spent the rest of the day anxious I would slip again.

On dirt pack and grass, the shoes were perfectly fine. Again, very comfortable and seemed quite durable. However, I won’t be wearing them again. I prefer rockier terrain and I just don’t feel stable in these.