I live in Winnipeg, Canada – one of the coldest cities in the world, according to a few cheesy internet lists! We consistently get sub -20°C weather in the winter, and even dip below -50°C if you factor in wind chill. It should come as no surprise, then, that I have my cold-weather layering system nailed down. I wear this Smartwool base layer (and the matching long johns) nearly every day from October to March, only taking them off on weekends to throw them in the wash. The odour-reducing power of wool is real! Whether I’m working outside, hiking, travelling, skiing, skating, running, or building snowmen, this shirt is comfortable, breathable, and keeps me toasty. The only downfall is the durability – as with any wool that I’ve owned, it just doesn’t last forever. After many years of good use, the patched areas nearly equal the surface area of the original fabric. Time for a replacement! My partner recently wondered aloud whether I loved my Smartwool undergarments more than him, and if that isn’t a sign of a good product, I don’t know what is.