I started the AT with the LT4s back in 2012.  I was about 3 days into my sobo thru the 100 Mile wilderness in July.  The mud was still thick and deep in places.  I planted a pole, took a step, sank to my knee, fell forward, and snapped that pole on a log in front of me!

Of course I was using a tent that required both poles to pitch.  So I was looking forward to finding the right stick every night.  And there was little to no cell phone connectivity out there. and I still had several days to get to Monson …

A couple days later I found some limited cel signal on the top of a mountain, so I called GG and explained my situation, and can I order a replacement segment to be sent to the hostel in Monson.  The guy who answered the call was clearly not grasping where I was, or had not listened to me,  or was just too busy to talk to a customer, and told me I had to order a new lower section, and to do so online. I told him I wouldn’t be able able to do for several days. Clearly esasperated, he asked “Can’t you get to a computer?”  I reiterated that I was In the middle of the 100-mile wilderness, and days away from any place I could do that. He finally relented, took my order and credit card over the phone, and the part was waiting for me in Monson.

So, a happy ending, but the single most frustrating experience with customer service I’ve experienced in my 65 years.  I  still have those poles, but I grab my Lekis most days now, and I have not done business with them since.