Since 2016 this 20 degree Enlightened Equipment Revelation has been the top quilt I seem to levitate to each time.  The only times I do not take this quilt is when it’s very hot summer trips or very cold trips.

Weight: I bought this Revelation when Enlightened Equipment offered the 900FP Downtek fill which now they only offer 850 or 950FP.  It weighs 20.55oz which isn’t the lightest quilt I have but not horrible either considering I got the 20D outer Digicam fabric with a 10D Coyote Brown interior.

Temp Rating: I have not had a “cold” night in this quilt but the coldest I have been in it has been in the mid to high 20’s and draft collars were not an option when I ordered this one.  The warmest I’ve slept in this quilt has been in the 60’s and kicking a leg out time to time has been sufficient when it is that warm.

Texture: The quilt is very comfortable with the soft interior fabric (to me).  I have since purchased an additional 50 degree apex version of the same quilt to layer in the colder temps but have not took that setup on a trip yet but have used the 50 degree apex on its own in the warmer months.  The apex has the 7D fabric as I wanted to make it lighter but I’m not the biggest fan of the feel of their 7D fabric as much as this 10D fabric on this top quilt.

Packability: I use to stuff this quilt in a medium or medium plus (I can’t remember which) Zpacks dry bag but since I’ve  migrated more towards the Hyperlite Mountain Gear setup with the Junction and pods for my gear I use the 2400/3400 Large pod and it fits just fine with my large goosefeet gear down pillow. I use pods for mostly everything and this pod goes all the way to the bottom and everything else in their respective pods will stack and compress the top quilt even more.

If I had to choose just one top quilt to own (which luckily I don’t :) )  This would be the one without a doubt.  I would just have to use liners in the colder months.