After burning through three sets of Lone Peak 3.0 and they finally became unavailable I needed to swap to another shoe. I was hesitant after reading about complaints of off sizing and durability issues with the 4.0 and 4.5…so I just kept waiting. Over the holidays I saw the 5.0 was coming out and pre-ordered a pair. I was pleasantly surprised after they arrived that the fit was true to size, and pretty much identical to the 3.0 that I was used to. The construction seems a little better too, with a stitched toe flap and beefier materials around the toe. After about 200 miles, the 5.0 are still going strong with no issues to report. They still fit well and noting has torn or fallen off. The sole seems a tad thicker than the previous ones and more resistant to rock pokes. Overall, I don’t feel like I’m ever thinking about my feet while I’m hiking.