Have a  womans W sized Tensor Insulated Pad; a yellow job, one generation before this one. Tested it out  several times at home. The older model had some valve issues, and I had to many times inflate using the enclosed “blow sack”; I kept screwing up the two valves and let too much air out. Either that or design issues. I also carried a closed  cell foam pad.

I found  that one frustrating, yet had a high R-Value (insulation) for its steep price. But I still carried the closed foam cell pad. Always go for a Wide, as the fear of rolling off a pad robs one of sleep.

Then this “latest and greatest”  came around. I had to wait  long time for it too.  Never, ever, skimp on quality sleep at my age and research “improved” items all  the time. I ordered a “regular Wide”.

Found the valves on this pricey, up-graded  model better and a high enough R-Value, allowing me to ditch the weight from my cell foam Therma-Rest Pad.

The new pad was tested in a two-person tent on rain, cold, wet back yard, desert heat and performed well under my quilt. I used a Zen-Bivy “sheet” to prevent my skin from sticking to this  pad, laundering sheet when home, keeping pad cleaner and provided more insulation.

In all, despite high price recommend product; valve more User-friendly.  I ditched the enclosed carry sack and hook and loop. (Velcro) band, saving some grams and squishing it gently into  my back pack. Do not misplace Blow Sack. Seems durable so far have not had any holes. But always carry repair kit.