In fair-good condition. The Noseeum mesh is in excellent condition. The zipper works excellent. I used this second-hand for two years with no issues, never needed to field patch or repair it due to issues.  Tested before and after i used it in overnight thunderstorms with zero water intrusion. Has also been hand-over-hand examined/patched where I saw fit (clear patches) before this sale to reinforce: staking corners, stitching at the mesh, and the top beak. 3 Small 1/2″ blue patches on the bathtub were by the original owner. There are no patches above the living space. Includes 10 stakes and a trek pole jack if you choose to use it. Tent is weatherproof and ready to use with no issues, selling only because I recently got a Duplex from Gearswap. Please DM if me if you need some more details. Thanks!