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Prices all include US shipping, add 3% for G&S

Xmid 2P | 41.2oz – $330

Snagged this during the drop in January fulfilled by Kaviso Outdoors.  All guy lines have been swapped for longer reflective lines.  Stock lines are still attached to the tent if you want to go back (corner lines attached to perimeter mid guy-outs, apex lines attached to panel guy-outs, all with shock cord loops).  Small loops for pulling the stock v stakes added, 2 skewer stakes swapped for groundhog clones (for apex).  Used twice, aired out afterward both times.

Add $10 if you’d like a larger, flat bottomed, silnylon stuff sack from Simply Light Designs thrown in.  The factory xmid stuff sack is pretty tiny in my opinion, this definitely fixes morning frustrations packing the tent.

Full transparency on the price – $330 = $300 MSRP I paid for the tent, $20 to ship, and $10 for PayPal fees.  Happy to meet up for $30 less if you’re local to W Michigan.