I’m clearing out the gear closet of stuff I never use.
Brand new Xmid Pro 1. I bought it when it came out and just haven’t had the time to go camping. Comes with the stuff sack – 480
Yama Mountain Gear DCF tapered Tarp its 8×6 and 10ft long. Never used. I don’t know why I bought it but it’s a sweet deal for you – 230
Hilleberg Soulo – I used it for 3 nights and decided winter camping isn’t for me. Comes with footprint – $700
Yama Mountain Gear SILPOLY Factory seam-sealed 9×7. I Never used it. I had a shopping problem. – $99
If you buy multiple things, I will give you a good discount. I only ship to the USA. Sorry, I don’t wanna deal with the customs form. You pay the 3% PayPal fee unless you want to do goods and service