WTS: Outdoor Research Helium Bivy and Micro Tarp

Bivy (SOLD)

Weight: 16.3 oz (with stuff sack)

Color: Gray (bottom is darker)

Excellent condition.  Gently used. Everything works and the pole and stuff sack is included.

Asking for $90 + 3% PP fees, shipping included for CONUS.


Micro Tarp

This is a MYOG 1.1 silnylon tarp that I made.  It measures 6′ x 5′ / 70 in. x 60 in. and weighs: 5.3 oz.   (5.8 oz in the stuff sack).  The corners are reinforced with grosgrain and the center has a pullout loop on both sides of the tarp.  The center pullout is sealed.  I will provide 4 lines of Lawson iron wire of about 3 ft each to get you started on guy lines.  I will so include a cuben fiber stuff sack.

Color: Royal blue.

Excellent condition.

Asking for $50 + 3% PP fees, shipping included for CONUS.

 I will sell together for $130 + 3% PP fees, shipping included for CONUS.

Why am I selling?  I have used these items for the past year or so and really enjoyed a bivy set up.  Much more than I thought I would.  I liked it so much that I made my own bivy and this one became redundant.  I used the Micro Tarp for a little extra coverage to protect me from wind or light rain.  The bivy is waterproof, but having a little area to keep gear protected and to slip in and out of the bivy if there is wind or rain is really nice.  The tarp is intended as a little extra insurance if the weather turns on you.

I have set up the Micro Tarp a few different ways  with the bivy, including a lean to set up to protect against wind and  half pyramid to provide head coverage against wind and light rain. .