[WTS] Goshawk Titanium Pioneer Pro Eddy-205 Multi-fuel Wood Stove (130.5g) + Titanium Siphon Alcohol Burner (42.4g) – SOLD
Pictures and Date-stamp https://imgur.com/a/QeXnDdi

Pioneer Pro used in great condition. Some anodizing and ash but no damage. Burns 1 cup of wood pellets for about 25 minutes with active flame and another 10 minutes of usable heat. Clean burning wood gasification. Siphon alcohol stove is unused.


Collapsed dimensions are 90mm wide x 100mm tall. fits nested inside of 700ml + sized mug pots.
About 100mm wide with legs unfolded x 130mm tall when inside chamber is extended.
700ml sized mugs will sit securely inside the stands. Larger pots will sit on top of stands.
This combo retails for $109 Australian dollars = $78 USD before shipping. Takes 3-4 weeks to ship to the West Coast. Save time and money.