Autumn Ultralight Alder hammocks are currently not being sold until they get caught up on orders, so this is your chance to own a brand new Alder without waiting for them to go back on sale and then having the 3 month wait period.

Brand new, set up once for a few minutes when received 4 days ago. I wanted to try a hammock without knotty mods and didn’t order them with this one but as soon as I set up, I realized I prefer a hammock with the mods.

HyperD 1.6, 352 grams, 11 foot, continuous loops with quilt hooks. Also including the pictured tree straps, don’t know what they’re called or how they work as I use whoopie slings, consider this sale as a hammock without suspension as I don’t know if these need anything else to connect or just hook straight to hammock. These tree straps are 200 grams, so if used with hammock, the total weight is 522 grams.

I licensed the camo pattern custom printed, which is called TrigonCamo SummerForest v1.1 directly from the designer in Austria for a fee that isn’t shown in the receipt pictured. Not adding this onto the total price and not disclosing as it was a one off deal out of respect to the designer, Distinct Camo Designs. The receipt incorreclty shows Tunnel Rat camo, which Riptstop by the Roll couldn’t print for some reason so I had to choose a different custom print, this is not Tunnel Rat.

$120 shipped CONUS. First payment via paypal to tracedef at gmail via friends and family gets it otherwise include 3% for $133.9. I will mark as sold as soon as payment is received, so if it doesn’t say sold, it’s available.

Autumn Ultralight Alder Hammock