Looking for a used Notch Li while waiting on Henry Shire’s next sale.   Just missed a sale on Tarptent, had decided to pull the trigger on a Notch Li or a Notch Li Fly only (I think Henry had them on sale for 15% off for Small Business Week, I missed it). I think that brought the Notch Li down from $629 to $534, or the Notch Li Fly Only from $419 to $356.  I’m not in a big hurry, I’ve got other tarps/tents (including a Notch SilNylon).    I love the Notch fly only, paired with a bathtub DCF ground sheet and MLD SL bivy – been using that for years.   For fast packing, I’m currently using a ZPacks Pocket Tarp or Plex Solo (if bugs are out), but……, I really like the room/structure of the Notch for shorter weekend trips (w more time in camp), hence my desire to pick up a good Notch Li (and I’ll use fly only most of the time).  I’d prefer a Gen 2 Notch Li (more recent) version with the zipper vestibule closure (vs the velcro), but open to any “deal”.   Thanks!  Fred