In my enthusiasm for this brand, I purchased this on sale. But I don’t need TWO warm, beautiful, navy blue Arms of Andes jackets ;)
$175 OBO.


Here’s what the website says:


The Best Wool Jacket for Warmth

Conquer the coldest temperature with our 100% Royal Alpaca Wool Mid Layer. Thicker, 420g fabric is designed for winter activities in extreme weather conditions like hiking, skiing and snowboarding. Alpaca wool is naturally thermal and moisture-wicking, protecting your body from the cold. The women’s mid layer is perfect for any outdoor adventures and also looks good when worn in the city. Stay warm and comfortable in any weather with our mid layer jacket.

Fabric Specs & Care

  • 420g/m2 of 100% Royal Alpaca Wool
  • Mid Layer Weight: 406 g (Size S)
  • Designed for hiking, trail running, climbing, traveling, and backpacking in all seasons
  • Fitted cut with a natural stretch
  • Pairs well with our Midweight Leggings in winter
  • Fabric Care
  • Perfect Temperature
    Semi-hollow fibers act as an internal A/C, balancing your body temperature in extreme climates.
  • Always Dry
    High moisture-wicking fibers keep your body and clothes dry and sweat-free all day.
  • Clean & Fresh
    Naturally anti-bacterial & odor resistant keratin fibers ensure your hygiene.

Alpaca Wool is lightweight and does not require frequent laundering, letting you explore lighter.

  • Light & Durable
    Semi-hollow core fibers insulate and make the fabric lighter and resistant.
  • Wear More, Wash Less
    Alpaca dries quickly and absorbs minimal moisture, preventing bacterial growth.
  • Smooth Fiber Scales
    The scales of alpaca fibers are smoother than those of sheep wool. They help wick moisture away, while also having incredibly low moisture absorption.
  • 18 to 19 Microns* Royal Alpaca Wool
    The finest Alpaca Wool with naturally smooth fiber scales minimize felting and ensure luxurious softness on your skin without itching.

*Microns define the diameter of the fiber.