This is the 6’6″ version ($590 MSRP+tax), right hand zip. (right hand zip models pair really nicely with left hand zip bags from WM)

This bag has never left my house since I bought it. I did sleep in it for one night on my bed in my long base layers (to simulate how I actually typically sleep while camping) and I’ve used it as a quilt (fully unzipped) on top of my sheets for a couple nights. I bought it along with a few other bags (from WM and FF) to test to see what I like the best. The WM quality (loft, fabrics, build quality) is a given but I don’t need the extra length (I also bought an Alpinlite in regular 6′ length and it works for me).

I didn’t think I’d end up keeping all the bags / quilts I bought and I’m looking to downsize my gear overall…so this one makes the most sense for me to see (after having sold off a couple of my quilts as well).

I’m pretty flexible on payment methods and happy to answer any questions.