Like new condition. Including the following;

2 – 12′ muletape suspendion straps. These connect easily with a becket hitch, no need for hardware.

2 toggles, as seen in picture, to create a marlinspike hitch

Weight at about 22 oz with suspension,

This has the new version logo.

Single layer, Dark Foliage Green 40D Dream Tex Nylon. Hammock has continuous loops, so you can add your own suspension

11′ long x 62″ wide hammock body, 112″ Ridgeline. Reversible Asymmetric end-gathered design

The Warbonnet Eldorado is the Blackbird XLC’s lighter cousin. The Eldorado and XLC are both built from the same hammock body, the only difference being the netting. The Eldorado omits the XLC’s famous storage shelf in favor of saving weight and money.

$154.00 includes ship within U.S.

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