Gear for sale/trade

Nitecore nb10000 gen 2-(used1 trip- just not enough juice for me as I tend to forget to put my phone on airplane mode;)-$50

Hartford gear bags – xpac- I took these on an international 1bag trip last year- loved them and then I led up similar CDF bags-$60

Ctug water bottle sleeve and pouch-$65 (brand new- doesn’t work with my bag

Prana jeans 34/32

Wore them once and they don’t fit me well. $50

Prana brion pants 34/30

Picked them up here last year and worn a few times… have a diff pair of pants I grab more often /$35

SLD trailwinder uq symmetric 40- (brand new) – unused- I picked up a superior gear setup so this is not needed) 20oz -$90

Ee apex 50-( used 6 nights) 11.7oz -$150

Love this quilt, picked up a superior gear hammock setup that has a 50 cocoon so this one needs a new home

Trailheaadz ethereal 20 1kfp reg/wide with a draft collar (less than a dozen nights) 20.5oz- $380 (fully insured and delivery confirmation)

Nothing wrong at all, I love this quilt and I picked up a zpacks 10 zip around to try this winter

Duplex flex kit in zpacks dcf pole bag-$110

Don’t have the duplex anymore



Shipped usps priority

PayPal (add 3% GnS)