Black with drawstring closure and S-straps; excellent condition.  Water bottle bungees on the shoulder straps.  I have “pruned” some unnecessary straps and toggles to shave weight (strap system that cinches the bottom corners toward the hipbelt which only serve to limit natural pelvis movement and are a holdover from the 40-60 lb pack days when packs were looking for any way to stabilize load possible; totally obsolete now that loaded pack weights are under 30; also cut off one of the trekking pole attachment straps since the remaining ones are all that are needed to attach an ice axe or 2 poles and it is actually easier to store poles in the humongous side pocket with the side cinch cords).  34 oz actual weightOnly asking  $130 plus $10 to contribute to USPS Priority shipping fees in the lower 48 and Paypal fee.  Only sales in the US are considered.