First a little about me:

I am 83 years old, finished the AT in 2008 after 40 years of section hiking.  My trail name is “Renaissance” man.  My hiking base was my home in Rindge, NH but moved to Florida 2 years ago.  My knees have failed me.  I had a partial knee replacement last June and my hiking days are for all intents and purposes OVER!!!  My gear I am selling is about 3-4 years old but I have only been on about 3 hikes in that time.  Tent was only used on two hikes.  I will be listing my gear over the next month or so.  It will include; Feathered Friends “Kestral” sleeping bag (25 degrees), ULA Circuit Backpack, and my Copper spur tent!

Gordon Ripley,  North Port, FL

ULA Circuit Backpack

PACK WEIGHT:    36.6 oz

Listed weight is for a size medium torso with size medium hip belt. Our weights are as shipped including all the removable items.


Max Load    35#


“Base weight” refers to the total weight of all gear carried — including the weight of your ULA backpack. This weight also includes things like water bottles and food stuff sacks, but not the weight of water and food as this will vary during each trip. Knowing your base weight will help you determine which suspension system will best handle your load on the trail.


TOTAL VOLUME: 4,200 CU IN | 68 L



Circuit packs are sewn with ULA 400 Robic fabric, the toughest stuff ounce for ounce we’ve ever see

Sale includes:

  • Water proof pack cover
  • Pack Shell Liner – makes everything n the pack water proof !
  • Pack has been used approximately a dozen times.
  • It is in Excellent condition.  It has no rips or any other known problems. Listed as GOOD only because it has been used a few times.
  • Free Shipping to lower 48 states

Current Selling Price:  $279.99  My Asking Price: $175.00