I am selling 10 titanium tent pegs that are 6.5 inches in overall length and have orange paint on top. A sample is shown in the photo. (Ignore the gold coloured aluminum Easton peg in the photo – those have been sold.)

Best as I can recall they are Vargos, but they may also not all be Vargos as there are very slight differences in the taper on the pointy tip.

Each peg weighs 9 gm on my digital kitchen scale.

They are all straight and in very good shape overall. Some have never been used. Some have been lightly used.

I see pegs like this are selling for $3.75 each on the Vargo site.

$US18 plus shipping for the set of 10. When I sold the Eastons in the photo, cheapest postage to the US was about US$9 so I would guess it would not be more than that for these titanium stakes. Postage to Canada ought to of course be less.

I live in British Columbia and can mail to Canada or the US. US buyers are responsible for any costs beyond the postage cost itself but I doubt there’d be any extra costs.