I bought this tent for a 6 day Alpine class on Mount Baker. It was fabulous. The maker said it holds up to gale force winds, and it held perfect for me high on the mountain for the entire class. Far lighter weight than most mountaineering tents, at about 30 oz. Trekking pole set up. Roomy 2 person, plus 2 huge vestibules. Dual entry. I will send along the 2 carbon fiber poles I made for it, for when you don’t want to use your trekking poles (like if you use it for a base camp), and the stakes that came with it. It has the “solid” interior, which is just higher fabric walls with mesh at the top. The strut ends make for a larger inner space. Steep walls shed snow better. The DCF feels burly, not thin like “some” tents (BA). I just don’t see that I will ever use this tent again and figured I’d offer it up for someone else to enjoy.  To learn more about the tent, google for Tarptent StratoSpire Li. I take Venmo or Paypal, and will ship ConUS for $FREE. I live in Central Virginia. Tent and my hand made poles $595