Tarptent Scarp 1, comes with both mesh and solid interiors. I bought this in 2015 but purchased the mesh interior about a year ago and never used it. I have about 30 or so nights on this over the years. It’s a great tent with tons of room for 1, I actually used it often with my wife as a 2 person shelter. Totally bombproof in terms of sturdiness and wind worthiness. There is no damage or significant wear, but it is old so is priced accordingly. New for this tent with both interiors would run you $638 USD.


$350 USD (includes shipping to Canada or USA)

I used the tent once this year and before I had it set up well, I took a single picture…don’t judge me :)

Before that, the last time I used it was in 2020 and all I have is this trip video that you can skip through to see shots of it in use.

YouTube video