This is the latest version of the Tarptent Notch LI DCF trekking pole tent. I have slept in the tent one time and have set it up in my yard a few times only. This is a “blem” model, which took me a while to find the blemish. It is 2 extra strips of DCF tape on one of the right door panels (see pictures to hunt for it). I have added a couple awesome modifications as well. Glow in the dark zipper pulls, tiny titanium key ring clips to make the inner connect to the outer more easily, and most importantly of all folding carbon poles. The default poles that come with the tent are 16.5″ wide and make it so the tent can often not fit sideways inside a backpack. I made my own folding carbon poles that are the same length as the originals, but they fold down to 9.5″ when collapsed.  This allows the Notch LI to fit sideways in most backpacks  I will also include the 4 original carbon struts.  The tips of the stakes have been in the ground a few times and you can see in the pictures. Let me know if you have any questions!  Free shipping only to lower 48 US States unless you pay for the exact cost of the shipping.