I have finally, hopefully settled on a system that works for me for shelters (I really like the SO Guardian!).  All the shelters listed below will come with the standard issue stakes. And yes, if you buy more than one item, I will reduce pricing. Pricing includes shipping CONUS. I do have pictures of each item on the scale with the weight and can message that to you if you want. All have been used for less than 10 nights each and in very good condition. I can ship out tomorrow (Wednesday), otherwise will have to wait until next Monday as I will be out of town for a long weekend. Venmo or Paypal works.  Email me at jeremygus (at) gmail (dot) com if interested.
SO Redcliff Light, carbon pole & seam sealed 55.5oz + 12.5 oz for pole -> $725 shipped
SO Cimarron Light, carbon pole, trekking pole hitch & seam sealed 38.5oz + 10.5 oz for pole -> $500 shipped
SO Cimarron / Redcliff Nest 25.9oz -> $150 SOLD
SO Large Stove with 6′ stovepipe (for Cimarron) 38.3oz -> $350 shipped
SO Eolus Ultralight (DCF) 13.7oz *only top seam is sealed -> $380 shipped
SO Eolus Ultralight (DCF) 15.1oz *fully seam sealed -> $380 shipped
SO Eolus Nest 23.5oz -> $150 shipped
Zpacks Poles for Eolus (52.5”) $60 New -> $40 shipped