Outdoor Research Mount Baker Gore-Tex Mitts with Liner, Size XL

This is an early version of the Mount Baker Gore-Tex Mitts. The main differences from the current version are: (1) the shells are Gore-Tex, but the seams are not taped, and (2) the liners are heavy fleece rather than the current Primaloft.

These mitts are size XL, so they have lots of extra room inside to wear a mid-weight fleece or wool glove, so when you pull your hand out of the mitt your hands are still insulated with a glove that gives good dexterity for opening your pack or whatever.


  • Size XL (see measurements below)
  • Color is red
  • Weights (see below)
  • Shell is Gore-Tex, but not seam taped
  • Removable Liner is heavy fleece
  • Shell and liner have attached Velcro hook and loop patches to hold liners inside the shell so they don’t come out with your hand
  • Palm side and tip have a rubber-like coating for durability and grip
  • Straps with Velcro tabs at the wrist and top of the gauntlet to securely seal the mitts
  • Removable leash
  • Included are Velcro Loop pieces to cover Velcro Hook on inner insulated mitts when washing them or using them without the shells. This prevents them from sticking to other clothing.
  • Condition: Used a few times, excellent condition. A little fray spot on left thumb red Gortex. See picture. Seam sealer was daubed on a few spots on the palm fabric, where the surface had some wear. The outer mitts were washed in Nickwax Tech Wash and then treated with Nickwax TX Direct wash in waterproofing for Gortex. Inner mitts were also washed.
  • The current version sells for $165, I will sell these for $50 shipped in the US
  • Payment by PayPal friends and family option, or add $2.32 to cover PP fees


Fleece gloves: 5.85 o7.

Outer gloves 5.8 oz.

Total: 11.65 oz.


Measurements of seller’s hand: (I normally wear a size XL glove)

Circumference of palm (with hand flat), just proximal to the 4 finger knuckles: 9 1/8″

Thumb webspace to tip of middle finger: 6″

Wrist to tip of middle finger: 8″


Measurements of fleece inner mitt for sale:

Circumference at palm: 11″

Thumb webspace to tip of middle finger 6 1/4″

Length of mitt: 12″