Original Zpacks Arc Blast 60L backpack.
This is the original arc blast which is lighter than the current (smaller) 55L bag. Some of the weight savings comes because of the integrated hip belt on this bag.
Weighs 529 grams or 18.66 oz.
This is the 60L version with a main compartment volume of 49 liters (7″ x 13″ x 34″).
Frame measures 23″ which makes this the “tall” torso height.
The bag was always stored with the carbon frame “relaxed.”
This bag doesn’t have the load lifters that the current version has.
Has a place for a top closure strap but doesn’t include one (I never had it).
Includes a chest strap (not pictured).
Includes one DCF hip belt pocket which has trouble staying closed.
In great shape overall. Some small holes in the mesh but no holes in the DCF body. There are two tiny abrasion spots I covered with DCF tape.
$285 shipped