Unused, 20 year old GoLite Fur quilt and pad.  Some specs and a review from the internet:

Golite Fur 1 quilt                                 Medium Size, probably good to ~6′.
20 deg, Polarguard 3D                      1 pound 8 ounces. Color blue.
Unused and stored uncompressed.
AWESOME hammocking quilt! Neck cutout just drapes around your neck and shoulders, no need for a draw cord.
Rated to 20°. The shell has a high thread count, ensuring comfort, and is zippered at the bottom to create a pocket of warmth for the feet. At the head, the quilt curves over the shoulders and around the neck to provide a draft collar.

The pad and quilt connect with several velcro pads.  Includes the silnylon stuff sack it came with.  Certainly not as high tech as a modern quilt, but it’ll get you through the night.  More pictures available on request.

Ships at cost, unless you’re in the DMV and want to pick it up from 20777.