Selling because I purchased for my HMG Ultamid 4 Tent, which I ended up not keeping. With shipping/tax, I paid $120. Selling for $80 with free shipping to continental US, will accept Paypal. Thanks!

Ruta Locura 710 Carbon Fiber Tent pole 190cm (75’’) – equipped with adjusters and shock cord.

Ruta Locura pole with the adjuster will give you a pole that pitches from 180cm (71’’) to 200cm (79’’), specially cut to fit best to recommended ‘standard’ height of HMG Ultamid 4 shelter to allow some pitching leeway, with or without the optional Insert; however these ultralight poles can work on a variety of Tents and Tarps within the provided heights. These poles are typically used in a lot of larger pyramid tents, and similar sized shelters. These poles come standard with a springlock adjuster for variable pitch heights and with shock cord to retain all the individual sections of the pole so that you can’t lose an individual section.

Adjuster construction: The main stem of the adjuster is our carbon fiber tube. The bottom has a cap to keep dirt out. The business end consists of a brass button on a spring inside the adjuster section. This brass button corresponds to holes that are machined into the bottom section of the tent pole. This gives adjustment in 1″ increments. This arrangement is the lightest possible solution for adjustment adding barely .5oz over no adjuster at all. Does this weaken the pole? No, not if built correctly, this is not where the bulk of the stress is placed on the pole. Manufacturer has built hundreds of these, and this has never been the failure point.

  • Very lightweight (215 g/7.7 oz)
  • 4 section pole
  • Allows a variety of different placements of your shelter
  • Comes with adjusters & held together with an internal shock cord. Standard friendly plastic end cap on the top and bottom of the pole.
  • Includes 8″ (20cm) Springlock Adjuster – Adjustor offers a range between 180cm – 200cm (71″ – 79″) with increments of 1″.
  • Help shelter better withstands high winds and storm
  • Made in the USA