Like the title states, I have some Nemo sleeping pads for sale.

First, I have 2 Nemo Cosmo Lite 20R pads (20″ wide, 6′ long). One of the stuff sacks says insulated, but it is not the insulated version. They are used, come with the stuff sacks and repair kits. Been a long time since used, they have the built in foot pump which is handy and I don’t remember any leaks. $70 shipped each?

Second I have a Nemo Tensor Insulated 20S pad (20″ wide, 48″ long). This is new, never used SOLD

Third I have a Nemo Zor 20S self inflating pad (20″ wide, 48″ long). This was used once or twice, great shape, no leaks. SOLD

Let me know if I’m way off on my pricing or if you have any questions.