Clearing out my studio in preparation for a move and have some yardage of Xpac/ DCF I’m hoping to sell.

Buyer pays shipping and I will certainly entertain offers for larger buys.

Happy to answer any questions about particular fabric, as Xpac material codes can be a bit confusing.

Here’s what I’ve got:

DX40 Dyneema/Poly Silver Second Quality(small creases every yard) $28/yd 5+ Yards available

V21 Coyote Brown First Quality $13/yd 10+ yards available

X84 Dark Brown Seconds Quality (missing x-grid spectra fiber every few yards) $25/yd 8+ Yards available

2.92oz DCF Cuben Hybrid 54″ wide in Green 3+ yards available @ $40/yd or $120 shipped (in USA) for the whole roll.