SOLD ****Up for grabs is a LHG firefly tent- silpoly, highly desired camo edition. This is a one man trekking pole tent with tons of extra room. I  am 5’4 so it’s a PALACE to me. I’d say you could easily be 6 foot plus and find this roomy. High ceiling clearance. 2 huge vestibules. One operates as an awning. Comes with brand new awning pole – just ordered this month from LHG.

I bought this tent from a fellow on here last year and used it multiple times. When purchased, I noticed that the awning was missing for this model. I inquired at LHG and the owner personally installed an awning for me. (This functions as a double zipper track. One track for awning mode, one for storm mode.)

100 percent storm proof. I had zero condensation issues. I weathered severe thunderstorms in this and felt absolutely dry and secure.  It was factory seam sealed.


a few imperfections:

I did notice there are a couple “strain points” where thread holes were over stretched – at ridge line. And two small trekking pole poke throughs. This is not through both layers of silpoly. I had just bought a new awning pole and a silpoly patch kit (I will include both) because I 100 percent fell like this is worth a small patch.

there is one stake loop that has come loose. I drove a small shepherds hook right through it to pin it down. It worked fine. But a couple seconds of needle work would fix it completely.

bottom line: I was going to fix this thing all up for another season of backpacking and was happy to do so. Then an Altaplex fell into my lap for a good deal. The firefly is close to a heavy duty altaplex in design. Now I have to recoup some of my costs.

$175 PayPal g&s + shipping. 

Brand new this is over a $400 tent. Would be great for hunting, stealth camping, backpacking or camping with a furry friend. Lots and lots of room.