I had an old Kokatat drysuit that had seam tape delamination and they warrantied it with a new one about 2 years ago. Right after receiving it I moved away from cold water and its just been sitting loosely folded in a bag in a box since then, so I have essentially a brand new suit. This is a true drysuit with latex gaskets (not a semi-drysuit with neoprene gaskets), I’d like to put this money towards other hobbies, so off it goes!

I have this posted a couple other places but figure a Packrafter or kayak camper might need one here.

New, never worn, no imperfections, gaskets are uncut/un-touched, no tags.
Size Mens Large (fits me well at 6’1″ – their size guide seems to be good for me)
Yellow top half, Black pants
Font, chest zip and crotch pee zip
Extra / custom shoulder pocket on the left arm and SOLAS relective strips on the wrists.
Full goretex socks keep your feet warm and dry

Retail is $1250
I travel across the greater Los Angeles area for my job and could meet in the greater LA area from OC to santa barbara if you’re local.

This is the same model, but mine does not have the zipper covers. Otherwise the same