Selling perfect condition Hammock Gear Premium Burrow top quilt 0°. 950 down with 1 ounce overstuff. Sewn footbox. Standard length. Wide width. Outside color is Black 67. Inside color is Burnt Orange Tefta 67. Selling for $400 SHIPPING included in the US via USPS.


Selling a Hammock Gear Premium Incubator Under Quilt 0°. 950 fill down with 1 ounce overstuff. Outer color is Woodland Camo 90. Inner color is Black 67. Standard length. Selling for $400 shipping included in the US via USPS.


Will sell BOTH quilts together for $650 if interested in the set. Do not pm me here.. we all know how that works. Please email [email protected] if interested. I can send pictures tonight if needed. They are both close to Brand New as only used a few nights and well cared for.