Selling my Gossamer Gear Kumo 36 frameless pack with GG Sitlite pad and removable hip belt with pockets. Has 2 belt attachment points a couple inches apart for a “medium” or “large” fit depending on your torso length if you like using a belt.

I wanted a day pack but decided 36L is overkill. Im only selling to buy something smaller, otherwise really like this bag, it just doesn’t fit my intended use-case. Only used for a couple hours 1 afternoon and is in like new condition with 2 small exceptions –

  1. It got a few small paint spots on the lower back panel and a couple faint streaks on the shoulder strap and main handle. The paint is a dark brick color and is not very noticeable. As soon as it has any dirt on it, you’ll never pay mind to them. See pics

  2. the included sit pad is scratched in a 6×6″ area in one corner of the flat side. I removed it for 5 minutes to weigh things and my small dog managed to slightly scratch it. Egg-carton side is still fine. Scratches are not deep or concerning, just want to be up front with these minor defects.

Pack stripped 13.9oz

Sit pad 2.1oz

Detachable hip belt 2.9oz

Fully assembled 19oz

Currently out of stock at GG.