Bought my GoPro Hero 8 a year ago and have LOVED it.  Bought extra batteries and a three battery charger for a 3-week trip into the Brooks Range of AK.  Worked like a charm.  Added a 256GB memory card for LOTS of storage as well.

Then, recently got an iPhone 13 Pro.  Since I take more pictures than video, the 13 hits the mark and I’d like to unload my GoPro to of course, buy more gear :)

The package includes:

  • GoPro Hero 8 with multiple mounts – purchased for $299
  • 256 GB ScanDisk Extreme- purchased for $37.99
  • 3 Rechargeable GoPro Hero 8 batteries- purchased for $19.99 x 3
  • Triple UGreen Battery Charger with USB- purchased for $14.99
  • Cool GoPro Stickers-priceless
  • My total cost for the setup was $411.95 and I’m asking $250

Price includes shipping in the US, paypal F&F preferred.  Feel free to PM me for more pictures or information.