I have for sale a Goosefeet Gear down pillow + Exped UL air pillow combo, purchased off gear swap a few years ago and mostly lived in a closet since.

The Exped pillow fits perfectly in the back sleeve of the GFG pillow. Here is what I can tell you about each pillow:

Exped UL air pillow is a size medium, weighs 1.8 oz, green fabric

Goosefeet Gear pillow, measures about 14″ x 18″, weighs 3.5 oz in a lightweight navy blue fabric. Lots of loft. Seems equivalent to the current medium size on the website, which is stated at 15″ x 20″. I would guess this pillow has 3 ounces of down in it.

Just trying to find a new home for this pillow combo! $50 shipped.

Pictures on request, or I will try and upload some here later.