Why do I have so much stuff? (Updated to add pic and add more items. Apparently I had more than I thought.

*Photo Thumbnail Updated*

Outdoor Vitals Stormloft 15 Degree Quilt

Neoair Xlite Long (Old Valve)

Neoair Uberlite Large (Old Valve)

Neoair Xlite Long (New Valve)

Gossamer Gear Murmer

Waymark Lite Ecopac L/XL (Was too big for me)

Western Mountaineering Puma Super Microfiber -10. (Not in production today.)

Tarptent Double Rainbow Li *SOLD*

Zpacks Arc Haul Ultra 70L (New) *SOLD*

HMG 2400 Junction (Black Medium)

HMG 2400 Southwest (Black Tall)

HMG 4400 Southwest (White Tall)

Palante V2 Ultra

Gossamer Gear g420

Gossamer Gear the Two

Senchi Wren White Large

Jetboil Flash

Nemo Tensor Regular (2022 New)

Neoair XLite (Regular Long)

Neoair Xtherm Max (Large New)

Neoair Xtherm Max (Large New)

Nemo Tensor Large(2020 New)

Nemo Tensor Large (2020)

Hammock Gear Economy Burrow 20 Degree Quilt Regular Wide

Hammock Gear Economy Burrow 20 Degree Quilt Short Wide

Waymark Evlv with Hip Belt and Fanny Pack (Original 35L)

Gossamer Gear Bumster *SOLD*

Gossamer Gear Bumster *SOLD*