Yama Gear Cirriform 1P DCF Tarp – Latest 2022 ‘Minimal’ Version 10.5oz/299g – Like new, with side+front entry and magnetic door tie backs. Asking SOLD


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Yama Gear 1P Bug Shelter Silpoly (84″) – Brand new, Y-zip, corners factory seam sealed 10.5oz/299g. Asking SOLD

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Yama Gear 1P Bug Bivy DCF – Like new (purchased new a few months ago), Y zip, Size Bigger/Reg length (catch & release from here, never used by me) 7oz/247g. Includes standalone rigging. Asking $SOLD


All of these are currently sold-out and won’t be available for sometime. Prefer to sell everything together so willing to do a package deal: $650.00USD

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