Used this one time; just a bit dusty from the sand it was pitched on.  No damage of course.  I can even include the sticker!!

$500 shipped to the lower 48 states by priority mail.

If you need me to set it up to get pictures, I certainly can do that.  Let me know.  But I think most people on this forum know what this is.  It looks just like what is on Durston’s site.  With a woven floor, not the DCF floor.

I’m in San Diego for pickup (can deduct the cost of shipping).  Even if you are in Socal, I can probably meet you someplace and get an out-of-San-Diego hike in of my trip.  Let me know.  I’ve been a member of this site for a long time.  If shipped, with the new IRS rules, I’d prefer F+F payment, but I understand if you want the protection.  I make some nice wallets out of DCF; I’d throw one in if F+F.