Selling Ti-Tri system accessories. Actual pot and caldera cone/tyvek sleeve are not included, but can be purchased separately.

The foll0wing components are included, and are interchangeable with any Trail Designs pot/caldera cone system:

  • Titanium GramCracker solid fuel kit – NEVER USED
  • Aluminum 12-10 alcohol stove – NEVER USED
  • Aluminum spillproof Starlyte alcohol burner with lid – USED BUT IN GOOD CONDITION.
  • Fuel bottle kit with measuring cup – NEVER USED
  • Two titanium stakes for wood burning – NEVER USED.
  • Inferno accessory that turns cooking system into a wood burning gassifier/afterburner. It includes the inverted titanium Inferno Insert and lower grate system. – NEVER USED.
  • Titanium floor plates, one of which can be converted to a pot lid if you also use an Evernew 1.3L pot like I did – LIGHTLY USED

$55 (paypal preferred), free shipping if in continental US