Price includes CONUS shipping. Add 3% goods and services if you prefer.

Torso: Med 18-19.5
Belt Size: Medium (I’m a 32-34″ waist and the belt fits nicely. I’m guessing it’d work down to ~30″ but check their website for maker sizing guide.)
Bottom color/material: Black 150D DCF
Side Pockets: Black VX21

Included Options:

  • Bottom Sleeping Pad Straps
  • Half Lycra Front Pocket (Milo Pocket)
  • Tall Side Pocket
  • Upper Side Pocket
  • Roll Top Side Compression
  • Dual Adjust Hip Belt Buckle
  • Hydration port/Internal Hang loop

30oz on my kitchen scale, and you could shave a few ounces if you ditch/trim some straps.

Pack was purchased in March of 2019. Has ~30 days on it. Mix of desert and Sierras. As you can see in the pics, my 1/8” foam pad is always on the bottom during the day, which has kept the pack in really good shape. Only injury I spotted is a small tear on the right shoulder strap – seems inconsequential.

A little background on the custom options… I was previously rockin a GG Mariposa, which I really liked, but it would get so heavy in the rain and the hip belt wasn’t up to loads over 25lbs. I liked the overall configuration and side tent sleeve though, so this pack has a similar setup.

Loved this pack so much that I have another SWD Long Haul on the way, except this time I sized up in the torso.