RBH Designs Hybrid VaprThrm® Mitt Liner for Vapor Mitt – Medium

$30 (paypal preferred), free shipping if in continental US

Selling because I purchased two mitt liners with the Vapor Mitt shell, and decided on just keeping one.

RBH Designs sells the shell that it pairs with for $100 on their website. Since the shell + Hybrid mitt liner is $175, purchasing the liner through here would provide you a decent discount. Truly just hoping to get it to someone who will get to use it, since it is a great product!
The Hybrid Liner is the top choice when both warmth and dexterity are paramount. The Hybrid Liner uses 11oz fleece on the palm to offer a better grip on axes, poles or a dog leash. The same amount of Polarguard 3D used in the Altitude Liner, is placed on top for warmth. Double Polarguard is used over the thumb. The Hybrid Liner  features an anatomic curve and includes a top pouch for a chemical heat pack in the unlikely event one is needed.  Provides great warmth for Raynaud’s sufferers. Please note.  Our Vapor Mitts are designed as a system. It is vital that the sweat-skirt on our liners be Velcro’d in to the end of the gauntlet. This protects the insulation from getting wet with sweat or precipitation. 

Your best choice for versatile warmth.

Liners can be removed from shell and laundered on gentle cycle using warm water and low dryer heat.

Product Specs

Recommended For: Higher altitudes, Arctic use, Prior frostbite
Materials: Poly/Wool VaprThrm fleece, VaprThrm Polarguard
Key Features: Fleece palm, Polarguard top
Options: N/A
Colors: Black
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Weight: 5 oz (Med)


Sizing Chart

Size Inches Centimeters
Size Length Width Length Width
XS 7 1/4 3 1/8 18.4 7.9
S 7 5/8 3 7/16 19.4 8.7
M 8 3 3/4 20.3 9.5
L 8 3/8 4 1/16 21.3 10.3
XL 8 3/4 4 3/8 22.2 11.1