Hi All – new here but figured this might be the best place to sell this pack. Anyhow I have an LBP that makes this one more or less redundant, so would like to offload it. It’s seen really light duty, probably sub 30 miles. You can actually see it on the “Letter from Dan” section on his website, a little ways down. 

It’s basically a Merke with a 36” circumference (this makes it a roughly 40l pack. Though, I can fit more in it than my other supposedly 40l pack. Think double rack, shoes, layers, lunch, 70m static rope, miscellany stuff)

The main body is 1000d cordura, and the shoulder pads, hip belt, kangaroo pocket pack bottom and bottle pocket bottoms are all the full spectra he is no longer using.  I’ve uploaded the spec sheet he wrote up before making the pack so you can see all the relevant info.

As far as sizing: My back measurement according to his measuring criteria is between 17 1/4” and 17 1/2”. The frame length we settled on 22 1/2”. The stays are slightly stiffer than what would usually come on a Merke. My height isn’t as relevant as my back measurements, but I’m 6’1” and 160 lbs, with a 32” waist. The hip belt is sized according to that, but can be switched out with a bigger or smaller one as needed if you contact Dan. 

A note: You may see in the photos some white residue on the bottle pockets. I spray painted – using an acrylic krylon paint – the cordura sections, just on the bottle pockets, to match the lighter spectra color on the bottoms. It mostly rubbed off within a week or so. This shouldn’t have affected the cordura in any way, and I would note that I only did this to the bottle pockets, not any other part of the bag. And they are replaceable anyways. 

I was hoping for $400 for the pack.

Please contact me if you have any questions and for higher res pictures. Thanks!