I know this isn’t totally the audience for this, but given Ryan’s love for McHale and how many people seem to share that love here — figured I would give it a whirl.

Catch and release… heartbreakingly, a smidge too big for me in the torso, and that really matters on a pack of this nature.

$550 OBO, which is what I paid. It really is in nice shape. Previous user was very kind to it.

Pics: https://imgur.com/a/DHxonS6

From the original seller:

McHale Critical Mass Middle Big Custom Backpack – 7000+ cu. in.

Large, expedition pack made by Dan McHale in late 2010. Pack will hold everything you ever want to carry and then some. Other than being slightly dirty the pack is in perfect condition despite half a dozen multi-week packing trips and many shorter journeys. I’ve been able to carry enough for two weeks unsupported, and while walking with 85lbs on your back is never “easy” this pack made it as comfortable as I can imagine it being.

In addition to the main bag which will hold a 0 degree sleeping bag, two bear cannisters, a two person tent, and all other primary gear the pack has two external water bottle pockets, two detachable side pockets in contrasting colours, a kangaroo stuff pocket with flap, and a full size lid that doubles as a fanny pack.

McHale’s patented bayonet system is exceptional at helping manage the load and allows for downsizing the pack when you only need enough gear for a summit push.

See Dan’s description of this style pack at this page on his website:


If you know about Dan’s packs then this is probably all the information you need. If you don’t know about his packs you probably aren’t ready for this one.


Additional information:

Torso length for this pack is 18.5″

Hip belt girth is adjustable from about 32″ – 36″