A sad day for me — my first cuben shelter, purchased back in 2016 directly from LG.

No thru hikes, but many nights underneath.

The corners are just now starting to delaminate a touch. I have been traveling (without the tarp) for about 2 months, and slept under it before this without noticing.. so this is new as of these pictures. The dyneema fabric itself is still in good shape, so I imagine some cuben repair tape would make short work of this. I seam sealed the exterior of the corners some years ago, and adding a bit extra isn’t a bad idea.

Only reason for selling is I found the newest version on eBay… but this one is lighter.

12.2oz with full guylines and stuff sack on my scale. This is with a MLD and HMG style zipper buckle reinforcement that I made with 1.4oz cuben) and 4 panel guyouts.

$275 (ff or add 3%) + shipping (because it’s heinous these days). Carbon DPTE is available as well if you want it for an extra $20. I have used It maybe 3 times — so in excellent condition.

Pics https://imgur.com/a/P4wuwK4

Holler with questions!