LiteAF Fast Track 35L Large in the Ultra 200 Black

17.8 oz with sit pad/ 16.9 without sit pad

$265 shipped.

I bought this in August and used it for five days. Great condition.

I really love this pack. Fully featured: sit pad, strap pockets, bottom pocket, and the Ultra 200 material is fantastic! I like it better than cuben: stronger, more puncture resistant. For years, I was a fan of HMG packs, but now I’m completely sold on LiteAF. Most comfortable pack, truly. The ONLY reason I’m selling is because my LiteAF 46L finally arrived with the longer 23″ straps, and for me, those straps fit better. So I want to order another 35L with the longer straps in the Ultra 200.

The only flaws are two tiny holes in the mesh. Other than that, the pack is in great condition.

Retail w/ shipping was $312. Selling for $265 (includes shipping).